Kellie & Stephanie | A Rustic Lesbian Wedding at Sunrise in Millbury

Guys…we don’t even know where to begin with this one. We had our tear ducts all sorts of worked out this past Saturday, and we are still so emotionally overwhelmed! Weddings are amazing and pull on our heart strings, but there is something extra special about LGBT weddings because of how GRATEFUL they are to FINALLY be able to affirm their love in front of all of their family and friends! It’s so hard to believe that only a few short years ago, these two gorgeous brides wouldn’t be able to tie the knot. But they did this weekend…because love always wins!

When we got to Kellie’s mom’s house Saturday afternoon, the whole house was buzzing with excitement! All of Kellie’s friends were running around finishing up makeup and helping Kellie, and her parents were just so sweet. They were almost as excited as Kellie, and they were so tearful when they saw her start to look like a bride! When Kellie and Stephanie first saw each other across the aisle at the church, it was such a magical moment. Just wait until you guys see! And after the ceremony we got to hang out with the bridal party and seriously…they were such a fun and wonderful group of people! You can tell a lot by a person by the company they choose to surround themselves with. And if the friends in their bridal party are any indication of their character, then we are pretty sure these two are going to be just fine. 😉

The reception was unlike anything we’ve seen before, and we thought we’d seen it all! They did an amazing tradition at the end of the night called the grand march…and it might just be our new favorite thing!

Congratulations Stephanie & Kellie! We hope you are having an amazing time on your honeymoon and we can’t wait to see you again and show you the rest of the pictures!

Ceremony | St. Mark Lutheran Church
Reception | Sunrise Park & Banquet Center
Photographer | Kent & Stephanie Photography
Videographer | Fordham Footage (Tim)
Cake/Catering | Carolyn’s Catering
DJ | Five Stars Entertainment
Hair (Wedding Party) | Attitudes A Salon
Dress | Atlas Bridal (Maggie Sottero)
Bridesmaids | Atlas Bridal


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