Justin & Megan | A Homestead Engagement Session

Friends, there is not much more sacred to us than our home. We hear what you’re probably thinking…”But Kent and Steph…you guys have people in your home ALL the time!” And yes…this is true! We LOVE opening up our home to our family, friends, and clients. That was our vision for this house when we first moved in! Just because we love to share something, doesn’t mean it’s not sacred to us. 😉

But when the shoe is on the other foot, and our couples invite US into THEIR homes, well…we just feel kinda sorta special. <3 And this was definitely the case with Justin & Megan! First of all, let’s talk about how this girl has literally seen Stephanie at her worst, and hired us anyway. Lol! Boxer shorts, madded hair, and a super gruff voice wasn’t enough to scare this girl off! And when they shared their vision for their engagement session, we were over the moon! We LOVE it when our couples take things and make them their own! So coming to their property with all of their animals was so amazing and so beautiful!

Congratulations Megan & Justin! We had such a fun time with you, and we hope you enjoy this little preview! Can’t wait to get the rest in your hands!



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