John & Kelsey | A Yellow and Blue Bohemian Wedding at the Holland Gardens

John & Kelsey have to be the most hilarious and genuine people that we have ever met in our lives! We can so relate to their sense of humor…for those of you who know us, you know we like to laugh. Lol. There will be days where we will literally have tears streaming down our faces going through our news feeds looking at the back and forth between these two. It reminds us so much of the way we joke around with one another, and we are very firm believers that the couple that laughs together, lasts together. 😉

When we arrived at Kelsey’s sister’s house, everyone was already almost ready, and looking so beautiful and excited! Kelsey was all smiles and was ready to get to the hall so she could see John. But she wasn’t quite as ready as John was! Oh you guys…it was so amazing how excited he was and watching his emotions bubble up while he was waiting to see her was so ridiculously touching! And when he finally got to see her and hold her for the first time, oh my gosh…just wait until you guys see the pictures of his precious reaction!

The weather wasn’t wanting to cooperate during the ceremony time, but they say a little rain on your wedding day is good luck. 😉 So if it had to rain during the ceremony…exactly while they were saying their vows…we’d say that’s a good omen if we ever saw one! The sky cleared up again and we were able to head outside again for some more portraits!

The reception was so much fun! These two have some pretty great choices in music. Seriously. If you guys are giving out soundtracks, count us in. 😉

We hope you guys are having an AMAZING time in the Dominican and are relaxing and unplugging! We can’t wait to have you guys back over and show you the rest of your wedding images! Congrats!


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