Jeff & Tayla | A Snowy Engagement Session at the Hayes Memorial Center

While we loooooove it when people from out of town reach out to us to shoot their wedding, sometimes we get just a little sad because every once in a while an engagement session doesn’t work out. We are SO glad that this wasn’t one of those times!

Jeff & Tayla live in Arizona, but they’re getting married right here in Ohio! Planning a wedding from a different time zone HAS to be difficult to say the least! So, Jeff & Tayla came up to Ohio around the holidays to spend time with Tayla’s family, and to get some planning done. And we are SO glad that we got to squeeze in their engagement pictures with their busy travel schedule!

The day that we were scheduled to meet them in Fremont for pictures, it was dark, windy, and even a little rainy. While we’ve even shot weddings in worse weather, we only had one chance to make this right for this amazing couple, and when we looked ahead in the forecast, we thought we had a pretty good idea. 😉 The next morning was supposed to be still and snowy. Like. Ridiculously snowy. With snow even scheduled to fall during their session. We were crossing our fingers that they would go for our suggestion of changing session times, and thank the Lord they did! Because just LOOK at this winter wonderland Mother Nature laid before us!

Congratulations Jeff & Tayla! We hope you had a great time with your families over the holidays, and we can’t wait to see you again in June for the big day!



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