Jeff & Tayla | A Destination Wedding at the Catawba Island Club (CIC)

After a Skype call, a freezing cold snowy engagement session, and a meeting with the littlest Keck ;), wedding day had finally arrived for Jeff & Tayla!

Saturday was supposed to be HOT and RAINY. While it was pretty warm, it wasn’t anything compared to what the forecast was predicting! And all that rain? Well, it must have skipped right over us, because there was not a cloud in the sky this past Saturday. 🙂 Tayla was getting ready with her girls making everything was running on schedule, and Jeff was just smiles all morning before their first look! They were both excited and ready to get this day going. And it started off with such a precious moment.

The first look.

We have NOT been shy about our love of first looks in the past…and this is exactly why! We’re not going to ruin it for you. A picture speaks a thousand words, so we’ll just let you “read” it for yourself. 😉

Boats even came in to witness these two exchanging their vows, and gave a honk when they were pronounced husband and wife! The reception space was gorgeous, table 10 was loud, and the best man speech was LIFE. Tears kept coming through the special dances, and almost that evening while we watched the gorgeous sunset with these two!

Congrats again Jeff & Tayla! We were so excited we got to be a part of your special day, and we are SO EXCITED to get the rest of these images to you!


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