Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

We posted a picture on Instagram last night, and we were overwhelmed with the response we got from it! We had our inbox flooded with virtual high fives, heart emojis, and people saying, “YAAASSSSSSS! We can SO relate to this!” We never ever thought content we had to share would be that powerful, but we figured if people who are seeing us in their feeds as they’re scrolling along in bed are getting touched by it, we may as well put it out there for everyone. Allow us to start with a story.

About 8 years ago, we were both tired. We had both come out of relationships that at the time we felt completely emotionally drained us. We felt we had nothing left to give, and nothing left to lose. We were both lonely and just ready to either give up or give in. And that’s when our paths crossed. We can still remember it like it was yesterday. Stephanie was still working at Applebee’s and Kent came in with some work friends on a Friday night (those of you in the restaurant industry know that this is nonsense!) and not only had to wait an obnoxiously long time to be seated, but waited even longer just so they could sit in Stephanie’s section. After Stephanie got off of work, she decided to hang out with Kent and see the house that he was renovating (that would later become our first home together!). We sat together in the front room on fold out chairs with a cooler of Oktoberfest between us and just talked and talked and talked. We talked about everything from work to our personal lives, and actually got really vulnerable. Stephanie looked him in the eye and said, “After what I’ve gone through most recently, I don’t think I’m going to date anyone for a long time.” So Kent had a choice to make in that moment. He could either let fear get the best of him, and just give up…or he could risk failure and simply wait it out.

And let us tell you…we’re so glad he wasn’t afraid of failing. <3

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Friends, let us encourage you right now, no matter what season of life you’re in. Whether you’ve reached the end of your rope like we did and almost gave up on finding that perfect person who gives you the same butterflies in your stomach as your morning coffee and bacon. Or maybe you’re wanting to make a huge career change and you’re terrified. Maybe you’re reading this and thinking that you want need to get your business idea off the ground but have no idea where to start. Maybe you want to move. Perhaps after a devastating loss, you’re wanting to try again for a child. Friends…we have literally experienced Every. Single. One of these. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past several years of our crazy life, it’s this: Failure is simply the evidence that you tried something new. Is failure scary? Yes! Absolutely it is! But we think not trying is even scarier. Think about it! What if Kent decided not to wait Stephanie out? What if he gave into his fear and never proposed? What if we didn’t buy our first camera from Best Buy that one day? What if we never quit our corporate jobs? What if we were to scared to ask other photogs for help in starting our business? Our lives would be COMPLETELY different! And the best part? The worst case scenario in all of these examples is exactly the same: that if we had tried and failed, our lives would be exactly the same if we never tried at all. So isn’t that the beauty of it? We literally HAD NOTHING TO LOSE!

And you know what? Neither do you. <3

Whether you’re trying to start a business, planning a wedding, or just need some personal encouragement. From our heart to yours.


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