Dan & Miranda | A Peach and Lavender Summer Wedding at The Hilton Garden Inn at Levis Commons

This post is about to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Yes, Dan & Miranda are precious.

Yes, they are made for each other.

Yes, they are the best puppy parents around.

But none of that…NONE OF IT…compares to what we discovered on Dan & Miranda’s wedding day.

Miranda’s dress. HAD. POCKETS.


Oh. Yeah.

They also got married too. 😉 And they did so surrounded by SO much love and joy! Miranda’s room was full of energy as Billie Jo worked her magic on all the gorgeous ladies. And Miranda really loved it when her dress was hanging from the chandelier in the middle of the room! Dan’s room was also full of fun and energy…a group of fun and hilarious guys all laughing and having a great time.

But none of it compared to their first look.

Dan had a super hard time not peeking before Miranda tapped him on the shoulder, but from the first moment they saw one another, their smiles somehow got even bigger. Taking that pressure off helped them really enjoy the ceremony, the time with their families and friends, and focus on partying at the reception. And even though their pups couldn’t join them, they got to look at them at their sweetheart dinner all throughout dinner. 😉

Congrats again Dan & Miranda! We hope you guys are having a blast on your honeymoon, and we can’t wait to get the rest of your images to you!

Ceremony | Town Center at Levis Commons
Reception | Hilton Garden Inn
Photographer | Kent & Stephanie Photography
Florist | Gardenview Florist
DJ | The Class Act By Bob Norris
Cake Artist | Eston’s Bakery
Hair Artist | Courtney Magers
Makeup Artist | Beauty By Billie Jo
Dress | Seng Couture
Bridesmaids | David’s Bridal
Groomsmen | Ticknor’s


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