We would have to say that the question we get asked most often about the strategics of wedding day is, “Who should have the rings?” Now, traditionally, the groom hands them over to the best man the night before the wedding as it’s his responsibility to dish them out during the ceremony. Makes sense, right? […]

We’ve been asked a lot where our favorite places are to shoot, and there really are so many for so many different reasons! While we know we haven’t shot everywhere in the Toledo area, we have done quite a few weddings and have some places that are near and dear to us. And some locations […]

Any time you get your portrait taken, it can be nerve wracking! We just got our family portraits done last week by the amazing Tim & Kylee, and even though we knew we were in good hands and…you know…we do this for other people for a living, leading up to the session still brought butterflies […]

No, this post isn’t about the hilarious movie (though if you haven’t watched it, you should probably go to Family Video and make that happen). It’s about your bridesmaids. Your girls. Your crew. Your family. <3 From asking them to be in the wedding, to your expectations, to the actual wedding day itself, all of […]