If you’re just now joining us on our adventures, feel free to click this linkĀ and get caught up! We’ve been doing this series for several weeks, and we are so excited to share our experiences with you! It’s true, trying to jump from part time to full time can be downright scary, but if we […]

We just got back from an AMAZING event this week. We were at the Connect Retreat, which is a marriage retreat for couples in business together. We realize it sounds maybe kinda sorta a little lame, but holy moly…it is insane! Our lives were turned completely upside down in the most wonderful and life-giving way […]

If you’re just joining us today, know that there are about five other posts in this “Leap of Faith” series! We’ve already talked about burning passion, educating yourself, forming a business plan, and branding your business. Click on any of those links to get caught up! Today we’re going to be talking about what is […]

First of all, THANK YOU everyone for your patience as we took a break from blogging last week to get our new home ready and get moved in! Everything is FINALLY painted, most things are unpacked, and we’re (im)patiently waiting for more furniture to arrive so we can continue to decorate our huge space! We […]