We’re not sure about you guys, but when we first look at a situation that may not be ideal, we can have some issues identifying what the problem actually is. Think about it! When you get the flu, your nose is running, you might be coughing, have a fever, your body aches, and you may […]

While becoming your own boss may sound like the best way to be able to build your own schedule and have all the time in the world to juggle kids, clients, a social life, personal time, and any other thing that life has in store for you…it can be a little more complicated than that. […]

Guys, it’s confession time: We HATE photoshop. There. We said it. Phew! That feels good to get that off our chests. We can’t tell you how many times clients or wedding guests will make jokes with us about photoshopping things. They’ll want us to perform eye surgery on uncles that can’t seem to keep their […]

We all know we should be using custom white balance, looking for the best light every time, and basically doing EVERYTHING we can in camera to lessen our work for later. But sometimes even though we do those things, we can still have some issues with skin tones. Maybe there was SO much green that […]