Let us just start by saying this has been something that has been in the works for about a year. We’ve been wanting to move closer to Toledo, closer to most of our KS Brides, and into a great location for our kids to have great options when it comes to school. We’ve been biding […]

This past Saturday was insanely gorgeous! When we walked up to the barn on the Scarlet Oaks Estate property, we seriously couldn’t even believe it was February! Today? 30 degrees. :/ Thanks Ohio. Lol. At any rate, we were able to get the full tour of the property by the amazing owners of Scarlet Oaks, […]

We had a whoooooole different post prepared for today. We just taught a class about Lightroom last night, and we were going to do a continuation off of that. But a conversation with a friend inspired this post to take an entirely different direction. Maybe we’ll talk about Lightroom one day. Maybe not. But we […]

Not so long ago, in a building not that far away (right down the road, actually…), two young Jedi and their Padawan friends came together to train together to become Jedi masters and defeat the Empire once and for all!!! Actually, we just invited a bunch of kids over to play some games, eat way […]