We LOVE living here in Southeast Michigan…we have so many hidden gems and amazing places to photograph people in! Sawyer and Taylor showed us this ADORABLE nature preserve in Monroe that we never even knew existed! You can bet 100% that we’ll be taking more of our KS Couples up here! Don’t get us wrong. […]

Not only do we LOVE it when people get all dressed up for their photos, but we LOVE it even more when we go to places that are meaningful to them! Such is the case with these two lovebirds. 😉 First of all, we met them at their home. And when we walked in, we […]

We may not be THAT country, but we sure can appreciate people who are! ESPECIALLY Brody & Kaitlin! Seriously…just look at how adorable these two are together!! And those cowboy boots of Kaitlin’s? Those are the same boots she’ll be marching down the aisle to on her wedding day. 😉 We had SO much fun […]

These two…oh my gosh. We don’t even know where to start! First of all, when you scroll through these pictures, you can really feel the love and joy radiating off of them. We’re not quite certain the last time we had so much fun on an engagement session. And it was so awesome to go […]