Friends, there is not much more sacred to us than our home. We hear what you’re probably thinking…”But Kent and Steph…you guys have people in your home ALL the time!” And yes…this is true! We LOVE opening up our home to our family, friends, and clients. That was our vision for this house when we […]

Do you ever get together with a couple of people you barely know, but you feel like you’re old friends? We are SO lucky. Because that seems to happen to us ALL too often. Most recently? With Matt & Liz. <3 We MAY have had a bit of an advantage with these two. We met […]

We’re not sure what we love more that when people bring animals to their sessions, because…let’s face it. We’re pretty big suckers for cute fuzzy faces. 😉 Especially when they’re as good as Dan & Miranda’s babies! It’s obvious there is a whooooole lot of love and fun between everyone in this clan. Just wait […]

Never did we think in a million years that Stephanie’s history in the restaurant industry would be so important in our lives. But it has truly opened up soooo many opportunities for us to form some real connections and friendships with so many amazing people! Take Alisa for example. 🙂 She and Stephanie used to […]