But Who Should Have The Rings? A guide on who gets what on wedding day

We would have to say that the question we get asked most often about the strategics of wedding day is, “Who should have the rings?”

Now, traditionally, the groom hands them over to the best man the night before the wedding as it’s his responsibility to dish them out during the ceremony. Makes sense, right?

Well, we’re about to turn your life upside down. 😉

Most of the time as wedding photographers, we start out the day with the bride. Whether or not the bride and groom are in the same location (but different rooms, obviously) getting ready, the very first stop that we make is the bridal suite. Not only do we want to check in and see how her hair and makeup are coming along and introduce ourselves to all her maids (because truly…bridesmaids are the unspoken heroes of wedding days!), but we also want to give her a hug and tell her how excited we are! Let’s be honest…grooms take about 15 minutes to get dressed and ready. With brides it can be a big production. Hair, makeup, and corsets…oh my! So it makes sense that we spend a little more time with the bride before the first look on wedding days. We ask that our brides have all of their “details” ready for us so we can photograph them. Not only do we want to document all of the thought that went into the brand and look of the wedding day, but it really allows us to get warmed up, creatively, and get a feel for how the rest of the day is going to go!

So! Here is a list of things we ask our brides to have ready for us so we can photograph them all together:

Any extra design elements

Allow us to expand upon some of these. When we say “stationary” we’re referring to your invitations, programs, invites, details card, rsvp, menu….basically everything and anything that had to be printed! Most of the time your calligrapher and/or graphic designer have worked really hard on making the branding of your wedding consistent and beautiful, and we want to make sure that comes through in the photos. Not only that, but they make excellent backgrounds for other details! When we say “flowers” we usually are referring to the bridal bouquet, but we understand that isn’t always an option when your ceremony is at 5 and we’re arriving at 1. So if you can’t have your bouquet, if you could have some small individual flowers that are included in your bouquet so we can layer them in our detail shots and bring CONSISTENCY to all of your photos! When we say “any extra design elements” we’re referring to anything that might match the look and feel of your wedding. For example, if you’re having a rustic wedding, wood or burlap could be helpful. Or if it’s a classic or romantic wedding, an extra piece of lace can go a long way when you’re shooting as close as we do to get those details! And finally, yes. THE RINGS. When we say the rings, we mean ALL the rings! Your engagement ring, your wedding band, and HIS wedding band. And no worries about the best man needing to hold on to them. Once Kent leaves the ladies’ getting ready area and heads to the guys, he takes whatever rings he needs to with him, and all is right with the world.

So whether we’re photographing your wedding or not, we’re positive your photographer will give you ALL THE HUGS if you have all of these things ready and waiting for them when they walk in! So Happy Wedding Wednesday…and Happy Planning!


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