Brian & Kendra | A Classic Navy and Blush Wedding at Nazareth Hall

Our experience with Brian & Kendra has been a little unique. 😉 Normally we love to have our couples in our home, meet them, have an engagement session excursion, but we didn’t get to do any of that with these guys. The first time we met them was actually over Skype! You see, they’re from Waco, Texas. Yes. Like Chip & Joanna. Apparently Chip drives around in that golf cart all over the place. :p

We DID get to spend some time with Kendra and her mom though! Kendra came up to Ohio for a few days with her mom to get some planning done and do a bridal session! It was so nice being able to get together with her and spend time with her that day…even if Stephanie DID have pneumonia. Oh yeah. Long story. 😉 It was that day that it was decided Stephanie was going to lace up Kendra’s dress and put her veil in on her wedding day. You know. No pressure. :p

We sadly didn’t get a chance to meet Brian in person before hand. We really wish we were able to spend more time with him! With his southern charm, quick wit, and warm personality, it’s no wonder Kendra fell for him! Nazareth Hall did an incredible job for these two as always. The chapel was perfect, the ballroom was perfect, and when Brian saw Kendra walking toward him down that aisle, time nearly stood still. These two are surrounded by so much love and laughter. From gushing family members to hilarious friends…you can truly tell that the wonderful people they surround themselves with are a testament to how special they are!

Portraits were a blast with this group! We had so much fun with the bridal party. They were truly up for anything and even had some ideas all their own! And our portrait time with Brian and Kendra was a favorite too! It gave us some more time with Brian and allowed us to see how truly perfect this couple is together!

The reception was so amazing. We mean AMAZING. Normally our favorite part of the day is bride and groom portraits and detail shots, but we have to be honest…at THIS wedding, our favorite part was the reception! The speeches were so amazing and heartfelt. From Kendra’s sister Karli reminiscing about their childhood, to Brian’s best man etching into their rings so they can always see how perfectly they fit together. Oh and the dancing! The first dance was super adorable…y’all…Brian has some moves! But we would expect nothing less from a professional DJ. 😉 But the highlight of the evening HAD to be the father/daughter dance! Kendra and her dad did a viennese waltz to “I Will Dance With Cinderella,” executed it perfectly, and at the end, Kendra’s dad presented her to Brian, and we’re pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the entire hall!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Birkes! We know you’re heading back to Texas soon, but the next time you come up to visit family, we’d love to have dinner and catch up! <3

Ceremony | Nazareth Hall (chapel)
Reception | Nazareth Hall (Lady Glen East)
Photographer | Kent & Stephanie Photography
Videographer | Fordham Footage
Florist | In Bloom Flowers & Gifts
Cake Artist | 7 Little Cupcakes
DJ | Decorative Sound
Makeup | Jenelle Ahmad
Hair | Camelot
Dress | JoAnn’s Bridal
Bridesmaids | JoAnn’s Bridal
Groomsmen | Men’s Wearhouse
Design | Your Perfect Day


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