Balancing Work & Life Like A Pro

While becoming your own boss may sound like the best way to be able to build your own schedule and have all the time in the world to juggle kids, clients, a social life, personal time, and any other thing that life has in store for you…it can be a little more complicated than that. 😉 When we first started our business, we’re going to be honest with you. We did NOT realize what we signed up for! All anyone talks about is the freedom that being a business owner brings you, but the truth is that you can only be as free as you allow yourself to be. And guys…that’s so much harder than it looks!

As entrepreneurs, it can often feel like our business is our baby. We literally birthed this thing. Nursed it. Changed it’s stinky butt. And even though it has caused us tons of sleepless nights, we still love the crap out of it. Sound familiar? Then keep reading. 😉

Even though we are head over heels for this seemingly delicate bundle of joy, paperwork, and blogging, we realized that it was slowly taking over our lives! And as parents, we absolutely put our children first. However…as much as our business might FEEL like a baby, it’s not. Not even a little. And we were missing out on our ACTUAL children, a social life, and sleep. We were burning the candle at both ends, and we were receiving less and less invitations to go out and have fun with our friends. Wanna guess why? Because we always said no. We were literally drowning and we had no idea how to get ourselves back up above water!

The problems that we could see were things like overbooking ourself. Not getting enough sleep because we were working late. Our kids literally crying at us and begging us to shut our laptops. Yeah. You want to talk about a humbling moment? Ouch. But while we were looking at all of these issues, we were realizing that what we were seeing were the SYMPTOMS and not the actual ROOT of the problem. When we sat down and really took a long hard look at not just the what’s, but all the why’s as well, we were able to figure some things out.

We’re going to take the next couple of weeks to talk about all of these symptoms and how we found the roots, AND the steps we took to axe those roots and replant some new healthy habits! If you want to make sure you get updates when the next blogs are posted, click right here to get them straight to your inbox!

Have an awesome weekend friends! Hustle, relax, repeat. 😉


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