Balancing Work & Life Like a Pro: Time Management

If you’re just now joining us, we’ve been taking a few weeks off in the middle of our Work/Life Balance series to focus on, well. Work. And Life! Lol! We tell you guys what…just when we think we have it aaaaaaalllll figured out, life decides to throw us some curveballs! We say this all the time: just because we have experience and love to educate other people in photography and business, we don’t have it all together! We’re still learning! But you know what? We think that’s ok. We think that when you STOP learning, THAT’S when the problem starts. 😉

At any rate, we wanted to wait and publish this post when we had the TIME to dedicate to it. Which brings us to the entire reason you clicked on this link in the first place. 😉 Time management.

We promise if you implement these tips, you’ll be so surprised at how much time you get back!

1. Turn off social media. We know, we know…what? And disconnect??? Yes. Facebook and Instagram are HUGE time suckers. Just turn them off. You would be SO surprised at how much faster you’ll get!

2. Cull your images backwards. Sounds crazy, but it works! Think about it. All of the pretty and emotional stuff you’re excited about happen in the beginning of the day! Do the fun reception pictures first…the ones that are a bit repetitive is the part that seems to drag on forever when you save it for last…and the first look and bridal details last give you something to look forward to. It took TWO whole hours off of our workflow!

3. Dedicate certain hours of your day to different things. For example, maybe answer emails while you’re drinking coffee from 9am-10am. Then work on editing from 10-noon. Have some lunch. Answer emails when you sit back down at 12:30. Then work on blogs or marketing…whatever. You see what we mean! Breaking up tasks like this can actually make you more productive! Who wants to work on ONE thing for five hours straight? We don’t know about you, but our brains are way too much like ping pong balls for that.

4. Use scheduling for social media. Facebook has made it easy! The jury on the pros and cons of switching over to the “business” Instagram is still out, but there are awesome apps like Plann to help you with your instas. And set aside ONE DAY to schedule all of your social media posts per week. It is so liberating!

You guys would be so surprised at how much time this has saved us. Especially when it came to our wedding workflow! When we shoot a wedding on Saturday, we come home, put our feet up while all of the images upload and backup, and try and get a good night’s sleep. Then on Sunday, we go to church with our family and spend the rest of the day with our kids. We get up bright and early on Monday morning, and by Tuesday afternoon we are completely done with the wedding. This is what leaves us all of our time for blogging in the middle of the week, and most importantly, spending time with our kids. 🙂

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