Balancing Work & Life Like a Pro: Getting to the Root of the Problem

We’re not sure about you guys, but when we first look at a situation that may not be ideal, we can have some issues identifying what the problem actually is. Think about it! When you get the flu, your nose is running, you might be coughing, have a fever, your body aches, and you may even be getting sick to your stomach. But none of these things are the actual problem. They’re only the symptoms. The REAL problem is the virus that’s inside of your system that needs to come out! Once you fix the virus, you fix the symptoms.

So we’re going to take the next minute or two to talk about the three major symptoms WE had in the beginning of our business, and still sometimes have to contend with today! We’re hopeful you can learn from our mistakes, and start recognizing some roots in your own lives or businesses.

The Symptom: Taking on too many clients.
The Root: We weren’t charging enough.

This might sound a little counter productive, but hear us out. When we first started weddings we started at a hook price of $700. No. We didn’t misplace the decimal. $700. When we did our first bridal show, we were all the way up to a $1200 starting price. Woo hoo! We felt like big kids! In fact, we probably booked most of our weddings off of that first bridal show for that following year. Wha-what!!??! Winning! But the inquiries almost became too much to handle, and very soon we realized that all of these couples running to us wasn’t necessarily a good thing! We reached out a whole lot to a lot of industry professionals, and we got almost the exact same answer across the board: RAISE YOUR PRICES. Think about it. When your prices are higher, you can take on less clients, and actually attract the people you WANT to be purchasing your product/services. We all have ideal clients that we’re striving for (and if you don’t know who that is for you, get a hold of us. We’ll talk. 😉 ), and raising your prices is a good way to begin to reach out to those people.

The Symptom: Working and answering emails all hours of the day/night.
The Root: Fear.

Guys, take it from us. It is SO important to set boundaries when it comes to your business! We know it can be hard when it seems to scream and cry all hours of the night and you’re literally feeding it every two hours, but trust us…it doesn’t have to be this way! We used to live this way and it was all due to fear. We were scared friends! Scared of not booking that bride if we don’t email her back right away. Scared of disappointing people by saying no. Scared of losing respect of those in the industry if we don’t have it together all the time. Here’s the thing. Your business? While it might SEEM like your baby…it’s not. It WILL survive if you don’t leave the baby monitor on all night. Those brides? They’ll wait until the morning for you to email them back. And boundaries? Oh man. They are SO important! If we let our clients and our business walk all over us, then we don’t get any time to ourselves. Or our actual children. Set work hours. Stick to them.

The Symptom: Always feeling like you’re behind
The Root: Poor time management.

If there’s a book that could ever be written by Kent & Stephanie Keck, it would be about how you could potentially waste ALL of your time and never get ANYTHING accomplished. See also: Starting 500 Projects at Once & Not Finishing A Single One, and Getting Sucked Down The Social Media Hole. Yeah. We’re pretty bad. We got to a place in our business where we were only taking on 20-25 weddings a year (instead of our original 30-40), but we would still find ourselves falling behind and feeling overwhelmed. It took us far too long to realize it all had to do with our time management skills! If you find yourself sitting in front of your computer bouncing back from project to project and essentially getting nowhere, then you’re going to want to stay tuned in for next week. We want to help you with your time management! Because trust us when we say that this little subject deserves a blog all its’ own. 😉



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